Why Choose Effortless Hair Extensions?

  • Create Volume instantly with Effortless Hair Extensions
    Create Volume instantly with Effortless Hair Extensions

launched in the USA to rave reviews, soon to be available in the UK  

 Here NOW in the Middle East 

The ONLY Patent Hair Extensions that require no harmful clips, glue or threads

It’s that simple! An innovative hair system adhered to one clear, synthetic fine wire that sits discreetly and securely at the crown of your head. Effortless Hair Extensions are affordable and do not damage your hair.

Do you suffer one or more of these issues?

Do you wish you could change your hair?

Do you wish you could change your hair?

  • Your hair is lacking volume to style it the way you’ve always wanted?
  • You want long, thicker hair, but frustrated as it doesn’t seem to grow?
  • You have thinning or fine hair?
  • Your hair is affected by the weather and type of water you wash it in?
  • Your hair looks dull and limp?
  • You would use extensions if you could be certain that they wouldn’t damage your hair?
  • You have a busy lifestyle and just don’t have the time to style your hair?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, keep reading …. This is for you!

Effortless Hair Extensions are available in 7 different styles (including YAKI), more than 21 different colours and 2 different lengths – 16” and 24 inch. You can wash, dry, curl and style – as you would your own hair.

short hair


Effortless Hair Extensions are suitable for most hair and can be cut and styled to suit you. With Effortless Hair Extensions, they literally are just an extension of your own hair. The moment you put them in – you’re going to make an impression!

‘Say good bye to bad hair days, it’s a thing of the past thanks to Effortless Hair Extensions. In an instant get the hair you wish you’d been born with!’

Effortless Hair Extensions are perfect for adding volume & length to your own hair. Or great for someone whose hair needs a break from wearing more permanent extensions. It’s an INSTANT makeover! So great for parties, special occasions even suitable for everyday use. Great for most hair lengths. Better still Effortless Hair Extensions will probably cost less than the pair of shoes you’re gonna wear tonight? But we’re confident no one will be looking at them as they will be too busy checking you out & thinking ‘WOW she’s hot!

pony tail front view

back view pony tail


We promise that Effortless Hair Extensions are amazing. The claims we make are true!

These extensions  take seconds to put in, seconds to remove and cause no damage to your own hair and can be worn every day or for a special occasions. It’s up to you as they really are that effective and won’t fall out.

Effortless Hair Extensions are perfect for anyone who wants:

  • Thicker or longer hair
  • Suffers thinning or mild hair loss.
  • Great for anyone who wears more permanent extensions and needs to take a break from them.
  • New mums who don’t have time through to party girls.
  • And finally fantastic for anyone who is useless at styling their own hair!


2011 – Best Beauty Product Shape Magazine

2013 – Best beauty Product – Hair Show

Reviewed on numerous Day Time TV shows

Reviewed in Business and Gulf, Areej Magazine, Ahlam and Co-Eds

Arabian Magazines 2014: The Most advanced hair extensions to-date

What makes Effortless Hair Extensions unique?

There are many issues associated with real hair extensions particularly ethical! What issues you ask? You may not care or realize the stigma attached to real hair extensions?  Read on. Just because you’re friends tell you real hair is the best option because it’s going to look more natural? Isn’t actually true REALITY the real hair extension you’re wearing may have come from a poor little girl in Asia and had her hair cut against her will or at best for money to feed her family. Do you want that on your conscience? We don’t! Especially as we know how important thick, healthy, hair means to everyone … including that little girl.

If looked after properly Effortless Hair Extensions can last for 6 months plus. Longer than most extensions and do not come with the ethical issues associated with real hair extensions.

Our hair is the very latest in synthetic hair technology. It can be washed, blow dried, hot ironed and curled as you would your own hair. We can assure you that they will not will not melt. Plus unlike real hair.

  • Will not shed as much as real hair
  • Will not tangle like real hair
  • Quicker to dry and easier to maintain than real hair
  • More affordable
  • Comes with no ethical issues of who had this hair before me

So stop thinking synthetic hair isn’t as good as real hair – in fact it’s BETTER!

Get an instant make-over! It REALLY is that simple!